Brand and Online Events

The digitization of events is here to stay. More and more people rely on technology to remove distance barriers: a device with the Internet and the world is connected.


The way we relate to our friends and family has changed: we use instant messaging, play video games online, or shop online. Why not take advantage of technology to interact with present and future clients?


The digital transformation of companies is now a reality, and even those most reluctant to change today surrender to the usefulness of video calls, meetings or distance training.

At OpenMind we offer different formats of events: brand, hybrid and online events

The key to our work lies in transmitting the values of your brand, products and services in an optimal way, taking advantage of all available resources: Brand Experience.


Channels are only part of the path to success, a single implementation of the creative strategy is the key.

Brand Events

In the more than 15 years that we have been organizing face-to-face events we have learned how to succeed yes or yes with yours.

Hybrid Events

An event that takes place in a physical place and broadcasts over the Internet, where we break geographical limitations, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Online Events

You will surely hear about the webinars, the courses, the interviews, the conference cycles and even the online festivals: they are offered live or delayed.

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Brand or product presentations
Conventions and Congresses
Shareholders Meetings Stands and Road Shows Incentives and training

Face-to-face event
Streaming streaming

Online events + Webinars + On Demand